Mako Reseller Partners

If you are interested in purchasing the Mako System for your distributed enterprise, please contact an authorized Mako Reseller Partner in your region using the contact information below. Mako Networks has carefully selected and trained these partners to deploy the Mako System.

Mako Reseller Partners

If you are interested in purchasing the Mako System for your distributed enterprise, please contact an authorized Mako Reseller Partner in your region using the contact information below. Mako Networks has carefully selected and trained these partners to deploy the Mako System.

Platinum Partners

Platinum status is awarded to partners who demonstrate excellence in all aspects of sales, delivery and support for some of our largest distributed enterprise customer networks. A Platinum Partner typically integrates additional services at an application level, further enhancing the Mako System’s benefits to our mutual end customers.



With our years of experience, wide range of customers and leading industry services, you can be confident that EvolveODM is the right Managed Network Solutions Provider for your business.

Choose any combination of our three main products for a high-quality, cost-effective personalized solution.

Our GDPR Compliant Public Wi-Fi Solution, with in-house software to power our Marketing Suite, has over one million connected users per year, providing our clients with an increase in loyalty, footfall and dwell time, which all leads to increased profits.

Our certified PCI DSS Compliant Solution covers all your cybersecurity and payment card industry needs, with the added benefit of 3G/4G Failover, SAQ Auto-Population and much more.

Our SD-WAN Solution delivers almost infinitely scalable software defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) to the distributed enterprise, allowing you to securely connect remote sites to a corporate network, hosting provider or third-party vendor.


Australia, Belgium, Benelux, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

Lighthouse IT Solutions

Lighthouse IT Solutions is a company passionate about technology. We’ve dedicated our business to understanding our clients’ needs and goals. Our aim is to make technology more accessible and beneficial to foster your business’ growth.

As we’ve grown as a company, our focus has tightened on creating a harmonious interaction between your servers, computers, networks, and people. Our drive to help ensure cooperation with technology and its users created our managed services platform: Harmony.

This end-to-end solution is designed to be nearly everything you need, helping your business grow. And at the center of it all, the missing piece, is us. There to manage and maintain all the parts to work in cooperation.

These network-based processes are the heart and soul of how we help our community. For us, it’s about becoming indispensable to your business — because your success means our success.


United States

WiCom Networks

Founded in 2007, WiCom Networks provides an extensive set of solutions for every need.

Advanced Technology Solutions At WiCom Networks, we are at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge technology solutions. Our expertise in satellite communications ensures reliable connectivity even in the most remote locations. We empower businesses with robust infrastructure and innovative cloud computing services to drive growth and efficiency. Our edge computing solutions enable businesses to process data closer to the source, reducing latency and improving performance.

IT Consulting We offer advisory services to assess and recommend technology strategies and industry best practices to our customers. Our consultants are dedicated to helping you navigate the complex technology landscape to find solutions that align with your business objectives.

Telecommunications Our team provides unparalleled support and recommendations for the best connectivity solutions tailored to your organization. Whether it’s through satellite, fiber, wireless, or edge computing, we ensure your business stays connected.

Infrastructure WiCom Networks boasts a team of certified technicians experienced in multiple network technologies. We assist customers with developing and optimizing their current infrastructure, from firewalls to servers, ensuring seamless operations.

Cybersecurity In today’s digital age, cybersecurity is paramount. We support and assist businesses across all segments with comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, safeguarding your data and protecting your operations from cyber threats.



Mako Reseller Partners


Allied Technology Group

Allied Technology Group is a top-tier Solutions Provider and Integrator, providing next generation solutions to Customers, Partners, and Carriers. Services include:

  • IT Consulting – advisory services to assess and recommend technology strategies and industry best practices to customers
  • Telecommunications – provide support and recommendations as to the best connectivity solutions for your organization
  • Infrastructure – techs are certified and experienced in multiple network technologies to assist customers with developing and optimizing their current infrastructure, from firewalls to servers
  • Security – support and assist on security solutions for all business segments.


Puerto Rico

b4b group

B4B Telecoms delivers business and corporate telecoms, network and data connectivity solutions to private, public sector and wholesale clients throughout the UK and Ireland. We’ve listened hard to what businesses really want from their telecoms partner. We believe you will want a provider who understands your needs who can offer cutting edge technology and expertise and be supported by a team who shares a passion to help you improve the way you work.


United Kingdom, Ireland


CBE is a leading supplier and service provider of in-store technology, such as point-of-sale systems, video surveillance, alarms, audio, network infrastructure and digital signage, for multi-site retail chains throughout the United States. CBE works with multiple applications and system types, bringing them together into one cohesive operation to secure and maintain client environments.


United States


Since 2007, Connectsys Ltd. has provided IT support and sales services to around 20 companies in Auckland, NZ. Connectsys delivers these small and medium-sized companies efficient, affordable IT strategies and solutions for success.


New Zealand

D&S Communications

Since 1986 D&S has been a leader in bringing cost effective innovations to the telecommunications industry. Advancements in technology have changed the way communications infrastructures are implemented. We have the personnel, training, facilities and expertise to be a valuable partner to our customers in achieving the optimum balance between technology and economy.

As organizations take advantage of the convergence of data, voice and video communications over a single infrastructure, D&S provides products and services that help customers make the most of their technology investments. From supplying equipment to implementation of complete turnkey network management systems, D&S can be your single-source.

LAN/WAN, Internet, Voice over IP, Unified Messaging and CTI are all part of the D&S portfolio of products. Of course, we continue to provide the best in PBX, key systems, components, repairs, installation/de-installation, voice messaging, call accounting systems and long distance services. No matter what the project, D&S should be your first contact.


United States

Excel Equipment

Distributor, Petroleum Market
Excel Equipment is an industry leader and the largest distributor of Verifone point-of-sale (POS) solutions and security products in the United States. Founded in 1992 as a small family business, Excel partners with the best and most innovative manufacturers in the petroleum industry. With expertise to develop systems based on specific business environments, Excel Equipment provides cutting-edge equipment solutions for customers.


United States


GreenPages is a nationally recognized Managed Services Provider focused on cloud, cybersecurity, and digital transformation. Since 1992, businesses have trusted GreenPages to deliver award-winning IT solutions that empower organizations to not only adapt to industry disruptions but gain the agility needed to become disruptors in their own industries.


United States
JF Petroleum Group.Logo

JF Petroleum Group

For more than 74 years, JF Petroleum Group has focused on being the leading provider of fuel and fluid handling systems. From one office and a staff of nine to more than 1,000 of the industry’s best and brightest, we have grown to be the largest complete solution provider serving fuel system owners and operators in North America.

We pride ourselves on being the national leader while keeping a strong local presence to better serve all of our customers regardless of size with a customer-centric approach focused on adding value to the distribution, installation, service, training, and technology solutions we provide. Formerly known as Jones & Frank, in 2020 we rebranded our corporate name as JF Petroleum Group.


United States


Snapper Network Distributors Ltd. (SnapperNet) is a New Zealand owned and operated company distributing a range of data communication products via our network of value-added resellers and system integrators. With a strong emphasis on service and technical support, our team is well qualified to consult on a wide range of networking and communication products and applications. Our aim is to work closely with our suppliers and channel partners offering a competitive pricing strategy along with solid product marketing support.


New Zealand

FAX +64 9 415 4137



Our distribution partner for sales fulfillment and support in North America is SoTel Systems. With more than forty years of industry experience, SoTel has the knowledge and experience you need in a distribution partner. From configuration to logistics services, they’ll get your Mako equipment where it needs to be when it needs to be there.


United States & Canada

Toros Solutions

A company that is considered practically unique due to the broad range of its skills and experience thanks to its executive management team, Toros Solutions is a UK-based organization that is skilled and covers a range of technologies and disciplines in the IT data centre communications and security sector. This team has carefully selected and works with “best of breed” solutions in each of its areas of competence.

Toros Solutions is proud to represent Mako Networks in EMEA, with specialist teams in the UK, France, Italy, Turkey and the Middle East, the company is continuing to expand its presence across EMEA. Our business services include:

  • Turnkey project management and deployment
  • Business consultancy services
  • Training and installation assistance with integrated cloud-based IT infrastructure solutions
  • Data Centre set up and optimization consultancy
  • Implementing full supply chain capability to ensure that your project is delivered on time, on budget every time

We pride ourselves on our practical approach to delivering independent advice, products, platforms and solutions that meet your business needs. If you’re looking to address the network security demands, seeking innovative software and hardware solutions from independent experts, look no further than Toros Solutions.


United Kingdom


Umojo’s Xiotx platform is rapidly becoming the benchmark for the construction, delivery and management of integrated unified communications and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Umojo is building out its global reach, rapidly installing infrastructure and partner support organizations across the globe. From its headquarters in Chicago, Umojo’s journey to date has been one of technical innovation combined with best-in-class service delivery providing innovative complex and mission critical IoT solutions in verticals such as automotive, retail and healthcare.


United States

X10 Technologies, Inc.

Founded in Vancouver, BC, in February 2004, X10 Technologies began as a network engineering consulting company, mainly focusing on the design and implementation of large-scale networks that required advanced technical skills and experience. Today, we operate across Canada, the US, and Asia as a thought leader in enterprise systems and solutions supporting customers throughout their digital transformation and cyber resilience journey. In addition to networking, we have built a strong end-to-end practice surrounding security, datacenter, edge computing, cloud, disaster recovery, systems, collaboration tools, and managed services.


Vancouver, BC