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Mako Networks is always seeking to expand its distributor base around the world. With attractive pricing models and program incentives, becoming a Mako Reseller Partner offers a compelling revenue opportunity. Read on for more information about our distributor program. To ask questions or to register your interest, please contact us using the form below.

Why partner with Mako?

Since its inception in 2000, Mako Networks has worked with channel partners across the globe. Our unique approach to carrier-agnostic SD-WAN, business continuity and advanced security, coupled with the comprehensive and intuitive cloud-based Mako CMS management application, is a compelling proposition for partners who serve distributed enterprises.

Every year since 2009, Mako Networks has passed the most rigorous PCI DSS security audits, resulting in PCI-certification that covers all aspects of the Mako System. While this has transferrable benefits to partners and customers who process cardholder present payments, it is also an industry-recognized endorsement of the entire Mako ecosystem.

Channel Strategy

Mako Reseller Partners are an essential component of our continued success and growth. Equipped with the knowledge, experience and capability to deploy, manage and support thousands of remote distributed enterprise customer locations, our partners securely connect, protect and maintain business continuity for internationally recognized brands.

The reliability, ease of deployment and scalability of the Mako System is attractive for MNSPs who need a robust platform over which to deliver business-critical services, such as secure POS payments, VoIP communications and back-office connectivity.

A select group of North American customers are served directly by Mako Networks, which means the majority of Mako System customers worldwide purchase from and are served by our authorized Mako Reseller Partners. A deal registration protocol provides the necessary reassurances and protection to prevent overlap. The partner program establishes clear and trusted lines of communication for both pre- and post-sales support.

Partner Descriptions

Managed Network Service Provider (MNSP)

An MNSP is a partner with top-tier access to the Mako CMS who has fully trained staff, including tier 1 and 2 support, and can deliver and fully manage large-scale deployments of the Mako System.

MNSPs bill customers directly or, in some cases, via a Reseller. Deal registration recognizes and protects the investment made in identifying and delivering a superlative experience to an End Customer.


A Reseller is a partner who proactively promotes and understands the Mako System and bills the End Customer directly, but who may work in tandem with an MNSP to deliver a fully managed service experience. Deal registration is also available.


An Agent has the knowledge and experience to identify and qualify distributed enterprise opportunities where the Mako System will meet and exceed the requirements of an End Customer or Service Provider.

Mako Networks assists the Agent by:

  • Identifying an MNSP to support the opportunity or…
  • Onboarding the Service Provider and an MNSP, when appropriate.

Platinum Partners

Platinum status is awarded to partners who demonstrate excellence in all aspects of sales, delivery and support for some of our largest distributed enterprise customer networks. A Platinum Partner typically integrates additional services at an application level, further enhancing the Mako System’s benefits to our mutual End Customers. A range of additional benefits and tools are available to partners who qualify for Platinum status.

Partnership Benefits

Mako Reseller Partners receive comprehensive training covering:

Pre-Sales Support

  • Co-host customer meetings and presentations
  • High-level solution design
  • Proof-of-concept deployment and support methodologies

Mako CMS Training

  • Level 1: Mako System SD-WAN Overview – suitable for both technical and sales audiences
  • Level 2: Mako CMS Overview – high-level introduction to the Mako CMS and managed Mako devices
  • Level 3: Mako CMS Training Course – multiple sessions covering core features and capabilities
    • Module 1: Configuration & Templating
    • Module 2: Deployment
    • Module 3: Management
    • Module 4: Diagnostics
  • Level 4: Advanced Training / Deep Dive – dedicated sessions to cover specific areas in depth, as needed

We take a flexible approach to training to ensure that we meet specific partner requirements. We prefer to train you in-person, either face-to-face or via interactive platforms such as Microsoft Teams, rather than to rely solely on predetermined content. Our goal is that relevant knowledge is conveyed, retained and applied so our partners become confident, well-informed Mako System subject matter experts.

Partnership Tools

The following tools are available to Mako Reseller Partners:

Ordering Portal – place and track orders

Deployment / Professional Services

  • Pre-Staging Devices – in certain territories, we can assist partners by pre-staging security gateways, managed switches and access points
  • Physical Installation – available in certain territories
  • Service Delivery
  • Solution Architect Review

Mako Support – available to partners 24/7, our support team handles tier 3 escalations via a dedicated and audited ticketing system

Marketing Repository – data sheets, imagery, iconography and case studies

Collaborative Marketing

We work with and support partners in the following key marketing areas:

Brand identity, messaging and imagery

Sales collateral, case studies, presentations and more

Presence at trade shows and industry events

Research and analysis

Targeted sales campaigns

Online content and resources

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