Mako Networks Introduces New 7000 Series VPN Concentrator

The Mako 7600 is the latest evolution of Mako’s mid-level VPN concentrator/gateway appliance, featuring faster VPN throughput than its predecessor.


ELGIN, IL, April 2, 2019 – The new Mako 7600 VPN concentrator/high throughput gateway replaces Mako’s popular 7582 as that model heads into retirement. The 7600 builds on the 7582’s success in protecting corporate networks and connecting data centers and adds enhanced CPU performance to deliver faster VPN throughput and a higher concurrent user rating across multiple performance categories.

Designed for businesses looking to terminate hundreds or thousands of VPN connections simultaneously, the 7600 is a highly cost-effective platform that offers the out-of-the box performance to handle growth, usage spikes and the ongoing needs of secure wide area network routing with ease. The Mako 7600 is rated to terminate up to 10,000 VPN Cloud tunnels and includes the added functionality and ease-of-use provided by the Mako Central Management System (CMS). The entire Mako System — including the 7600 VPN concentrator appliance, the CMS, and all onboard software — is PCI DSS certified from end‐to‐end, providing peace of mind and industry-leading security for businesses that accept credit cards.

The Mako 7600 takes advantage of Mako’s advanced VPN Cloud technology, which is a more flexible and scalable alternative to IPSec tunnels, which the Mako 7600 also supports. Both approaches are secured using industrial-strength Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption and require no static or public IP addresses at remote sites.

A Mako 7600 appliance can be configured for High Availability failover when deployed with a second 7600 appliance, and a Mako VPN Cloud consisting of multiple Mako 7600 appliances at multiple data centers provides load distribution as well as circuit, hardware, and geographic redundancy.

Other notable Mako 7600 features include 24/7 access to the Mako CMS for cloud-based configuration, reporting, and diagnostic tools; five 1Gbps LANs in a 1-U rack space; a built-in firewall with port scanning protection and worm detection; and an integrated router with BGP support for easily handling more complex data center configurations. The Mako 7600 can also be virtualized in either Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services environments.

Like all Mako appliances, the 7600 allows for zero-touch deployment by automatically receiving site-specific configuration information from the Mako CMS via the cloud.

Please refer to the Mako Networks website for full Mako 7600 specifications:

To inquire about the Mako 7600 or its potential application within your environment, contact Mako Networks at or 800-851-4691.

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