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Mako Networks Previews Improvements for 2021

A look at the year ahead for the secure managed network services provider reveals important new product features and benchmarks.

Undoubtedly, 2021 will be another year of rapid changes for Mako Networks, as all businesses continue to adapt to new requirements and expectations presented by the ongoing global pandemic, in addition to the diligence needed to outpace the latest cyberattacks. These challenges drive Mako’s consistent growth and innovation in secure network management products and services, with the following key improvements planned for the year ahead.

Top Performance

In 2021, Mako will introduce new network appliance models that can deliver the full performance benefits of the latest next-generation technologies. Mako has already entered the Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax) wireless market with the release of the Mako 4600 last year, and more models will follow. With 5G broadband cellular service becoming more widely available, future models will support 5G WAN connections. High demand in international markets is encouraging Mako to include VDSL support for certain future models, as well.

Expanded Product Line

Last year’s successful addition of secure managed switches and wireless access points alongside Mako’s signature router/firewall network appliances was just the beginning for new hardware offerings. Mako continues to expand their product line in 2021 based on the needs of their customers and the various industries and markets they serve. One new Mako appliance type coming to market soon is a managed power receptacle that makes it simple to perform hard resets on any remote equipment using the Mako Central Management System (CMS).

Enhanced Mako CMS

The ongoing Mako CMS update program capped last year with major UI revisions and laid the groundwork for a full slate of 2021 enhancements. These will include introducing SMS messages as an option for notifications and alerts. A shift to grouping Mako appliances by site will make navigation, management, and data visualizations more intuitive. New diagnostic commands will augment existing troubleshooting tools. Perhaps the most impactful change will be a new custom reporting system for business intelligence insights, empowering users to make better business decisions by presenting relevant information in easily understood formats.

As this preview shows, Mako Networks has planned a busy 2021 filled with exciting new products and features for Mako customers. We look forward to sharing more details on these and other new developments at Mako throughout the year ahead.

January 22nd 2021 | News