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Posted by Chris | October 2nd 2014

Case Studies: SOHO Systems Builds Customer Success With Mako

One of Mako Networks’ leading New Zealand reseller partners is Auckland-based SOHO Systems. The team at SOHO have been working hard to meet customer demand and found great success in using Mako to connect and protect their customers, complemented by reporting and control features that provide greater insight into how their network is used.

Darren Clayworth, Technical Manager at SOHO Systems, has recently completed two case studies showing how customers have found better uses for their Internet connections with Mako.

Darren Clayworth with Paul Duncan from The Sweet Shop

Darren Clayworth with Paul Duncan from The Sweet Shop

The Sweet Shop is an Auckland media production company that relied on SOHO Systems to help connect their business to a speedy Internet connection while it relocated offices. The Sweet Shop works with partners around the world, often sharing large multimedia files, so a fast, reliable connection was paramount. See how Darren and the SOHO team were able to meet their needs on the first case study.

“The Mako System has proved an extremely flexible solution for us and our customers. There have been so many cases where Mako helps our customers not only with a more secure connection to the Internet, but also by delivering valuable reports and alerts that help them understand their network better,” says Darren. “We expect to build our sales significantly with Mako in the months ahead. It’s a great add-on to any deployment that we can centrally manage on behalf of our customers.”

Darren Clayworth and Dan Schofield from OTS Group

Darren Clayworth and Dan Schofield from OTS Group

In the second example, SOHO was approached by OTS Group to help improve its Operation Center infrastructure and get a faster, more reliable Internet connection. SOHO was able to deliver a speedy VDSL solution that significantly reduced their Internet outages, while also providing greater visibility over how their Internet usage. You can read full details on the SOHO website.

Congratulations to Darren and the SOHO team on jobs well done. For more information about how to become a Mako Networks reseller, please contact us.

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