About Mako

Mako Networks is a specialist network management company specializing in small site security, health record access and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance solutions. The company assists businesses around the world to secure their networks and provide the capabilities needed to better manage their network connections.

The unique Mako System consists of a cloud-based Central Management System, accessible anywhere via a secure website, and all-in-one network appliances installed at customer locations worldwide. Through this two-part system, Mako Networks is able to deliver a range of services that provide SD-WAN broadband connectivity, firewall protection, access control, and detailed reporting for the distributed enterprise. Thanks to an internationally patented communications protocol, Mako is a leader in specialized cloud-based network management and security.

In 2009, Mako Networks became the first network management company in the world to become a PCI DSS-certified Level 1 service provider. This followed an extensive and rigorous auditing process to ensure that Mako meets the highest standards for credit card data security, which translates to tangible benefits for card-present merchants today.

In addition to protecting card payment networks, the Mako System is capable of providing a host of other services that foster more collaboration and a better-connected business. The Mako System enables managers to see all activity across their network through detailed reporting, monitoring, and proactive alerts.

Chris Massam and Simon Gamble co-founded Mako Networks in 2000 with the vision of providing enhanced security and network protection for distributed businesses. Both still serve in senior leadership roles at Mako today.

With headquarters in Chicago and presence in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, Mako Networks and its partners serve customers around the world.

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