What can the latest edge solutions do for multi-location retailers?

Mako’s innovative edge security solution is used in 22 countries by some of the largest multi-location companies in the world, with a 99% renewal rate.

Join us for presentations on:

  • Centralized visibility to an increasing range of IoT and payment devices with a secure ecosystem to protect them
  • Securing data in transit both to and from the cloud
  • Decentralizing connectivity from data center dependency


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    Simon Gamble | President & Co-Founder

    Simon has managed Mako Networks through its growth from technology start-up to supplier to incumbent telco, leading carriers, and multiple Fortune 500 companies, both domestic and international.

    Chris Massam | CTO & Co-Founder

    Chris co-founded Mako Networks and is currently Mako Networks' CTO. Chris oversees Mako's customer-facing technology programs including the development, technical operations, and security teams.

    Chris Nation | General Manager UK/EU

    Chris is in his eighth year with Mako Networks and understands the wide area networking and compliance challenges faced by European distributed enterprise brands. Located in the UK, Chris supports regional telco and MNSP partners in delivering Mako's SD-WAN and edge security managed services.

    All presenters are subject to availability.