SD-WAN Comparison Chart

Mako Networks VPN Cloud SD-WAN solution is tailored specifically to the needs of the distributed enterprise. Traffic that doesn’t need to traverse the SD-WAN connection(s) can connect directly to the internet. Having granular control over traffic that utilizes the SD-WAN can help reduce data costs and ensure business-critical data isn’t impacted by other online communications. Whether you have a retail chain or staff working remotely, Mako VPN Cloud delivers robust, secure connectivity to corporate networks and data centers.

Feature Comparison Mako System VeloCloud Bigleaf Versa Silver Peak Fortinet
Multi Ethernet WAN
Built-in LTE WAN
100% Cloud managed
PCI DSS certified
Designed specifically for the distributed enterprise
Virtualized hardware
Source prioritization
Destination prioritization
Custom prioritization
Packet-based prioritization
Physical network separation
Data overage protection
Detailed usage reports
Content filtering
Next-gen firewall
Troubleshooting diagnostics
Enterprise templates
Built-in WiFi
Cost $ $$$ $$ $$$ $$$ $$
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