Mako Merchant PCI

Simplify PCI Compliance


Mako Merchant PCI

Mako Merchant PCI simplifes card-present PCI compliance by integrating online tools, vulnerability scans, and streamlined self assessment. Combined with your PCI-certified Mako System, Mako Merchant PCI makes it simple to achieve PCI compliance and to monitor the PCI status of your retail locations.

Mako PCI Dashboard

Mako PCI Dashboard provides an enterprise-wide view of each retail location’s PCI compliance status on a color-coded map. See at a glance which locations have run network vulnerability scans or which have filed an SAQ, as well as filing dates and other details.

Mako PCI Dashboard is fully integrated with the Mako CMS and receives real-time updates from the Mako PCI Vulnerability Scanner appliances at each of your retail locations. Never wonder again whether all your stores have addressed their PCI obligations.

Mako CMS PCI Dashboard

Mako Configuration Review

Retailers must complete a semi-annual network configuration review to be PCI compliant. Mako makes this task simple by providing a configuration review feature in the Mako CMS.

You’ll be reminded when it is time to complete a configuration review, and your Mako configuration will be presented in an easily understood format. A summary of all relevant network and security settings appears on a single page for each location, and authorized users can complete the review with a single click.

Mako CMS Configuration Review

Vulnerability scanning

Mako’s new PCI Vulnerability Scanner appliance delivers on-demand internal PCI vulnerability scans at each of your retail locations. Mako PCI Vulnerability Scanning can be scheduled to run as often as needed, can check all devices on a payment network for PCI vulnerabilities, and can even suggest how to resolve identified issues. Results of each scan are available in the Mako CMS for review and later reference. Vulnerability scans can be scheduled using the Mako CMS.

The Mako PCI Vulnerability Scanner appliance:

  • Performs vulnerability assessments that comply with PCI DSS requirements 11.1 and 11.2.
  • Runs scans proactively without disrupting network connections or functions and without the need for site visits.
  • Archives all scan results and uses this data for configurable reports and for tracking changes, as required by PCI DSS.
  • Installs easily with only two connections: power and ethernet. All software is provided on the appliance and is fully integrated with the Mako CMS for a simple plug-and- play experience.

Mako Vulnerability Scanning

Online SAQ

Mako’s online SAQ is fully integrated with the Mako CMS. It takes into account your Mako appliance’s configuration, your configuration review, any Mako PCI Templates applied, any brand-specific PCI settings, and your vulnerability scan results to pre-populate your SAQ, reducing the number of questions to answer per site to as few as five!

With a step-by-step wizard interface and automatic reminders of when to complete and file SAQs, Mako Merchant PCI makes it easier than ever for retail locations to maintain PCI compliance. Completed SAQs are sent electronically to your acquiring bank.