Mako Networks’ New Mako 5600 Security Gateway Features 5G and Wi-Fi 6 and Is In-Stock and Ready to Ship

Mako customers can now take advantage of 5G cellular networks and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity by deploying the new Mako 5600 devices on all major carriers.

CHICAGO, AUGUST 23, 2022 – Mako Networks continues to expand its product line with the debut of the new Mako 5600 security gateway, Mako’s first device to offer 5G cellular connectivity. The 5600 also features Wi-Fi 6, allowing this latest Mako model to operate as either a high-end access point or a feature-rich security gateway for remote sites. Fully connected to and managed by the Mako Central Management System (CMS), the Mako 5600 is an ideal fit for distributed networks, such as c-stores, fuel stations, doctors’ offices, remote workers and QSR locations. Despite global supply chain delays, Mako 5600 devices are available now for immediate deployment.

Situated between the 4000 Series and the 6000 Series in the Mako lineup, the new Mako 5600 model shares features with both series and adds 5G. It is exclusively cloud-managed and can be remotely configured or reconfigured as either an access point or a security gateway (router/firewall). Mako’s unique PCI DSS certification ensures maximum security, while redundancy and seamless fast failover settings make the Mako 5600 exceptionally reliable and resilient.

The performance benefits of 5G cellular broadband extend beyond faster transmission speeds. Upgrading to 5G also means reduced latency, increased capacity, improved coverage and negligible error rates. For deployments where 5G service is unavailable or cost-prohibitive, Mako 5600 devices with LTE connectivity are also available.

Onboard 2×2 MIMO radios enable the Mako 5600 to support enhanced Wi-Fi 6 features. Wi-Fi 6 improves wireless communication speed, range, efficiency and security, resulting in a better experience for dense networks, increased signal reliability, reduced power consumption and enhanced encryption options.

These next-gen connectivity standards for 5G and Wi-Fi 6 directly address the explosion of device density in cellular and wireless environments. To keep pace with growing demand, Mako customers can upgrade to the latest technology by adding Mako 5600 devices to new and existing sites. As with all Mako devices, zero-touch deployment and automated firmware updates keep the Mako 5600 up to date in real-time without the need for on-site visits.

Mako 5600 devices are ideal for securely connecting ATMs, healthcare clinics, kiosks, retail locations or any other small remote sites to head offices, data centers or external service providers. Mako VPN Cloud technology allows these sites to be linked in seconds without requiring static IP addresses. For remote workers, the Mako 5600 provides a secure connection to HQ while also isolating work devices from personal devices. PCI-certified wireless networking makes Mako 5600 devices a perfect fit for tablet‐based or other wireless POS systems.

Please refer to the Mako Networks web site for full Mako 5600 specifications:

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Situated between the 4000 Series and the 6000 Series in the Mako lineup, the new Mako 5600 model shares features with both series and adds 5G.

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