Fueland Rewards Joins Mako VPN Cloud Partner Program

By participating in the Mako VPN Cloud Partner Program, Fueland makes services on their network directly available to distributed retailers utilizing Mako Networks security solutions.


ELGIN, IL, May 19, 2021 – Fueland Rewards is the newest member of the Mako VPN Cloud Partner Program. Now Fueland’s customers can connect to their loyalty solution more easily than ever before by using Mako VPN Cloud. This groundbreaking solution from Mako Networks uses SD-WAN technology to make deployment painless and secure.

The Mako VPN Cloud Partner Program enables distributed retailer networks to connect securely, reliably and easily to service providers’ online applications. Partners can deploy physical or virtual Mako VPN concentrators to make services in their online environments directly available to tens of thousands of retail locations. Retailers who already have a Mako security gateway device in service can connect to a partner’s network simply by selecting it in the appropriate dropdown menu and following prompts in the Mako Central Management System (CMS).

Mako’s implementation of Source Network Address Translation (SNAT) means retailers can connect to Mako VPN Cloud Partner networks without reconfiguring any internal IP addressing schemes. Since many retail brand security standards do not allow payment environments to access the public Internet, Mako VPN Cloud technology provides retailers with a way to access third-party service providers using a secure Mako VPN Cloud tunnel that bypasses the public Internet, maintaining compliance with PCI DSS and other security standards.

“What a partnership — Mako has made us feel like we have been working together for years,” said Steve Alexander, President of Fueland, Inc. “Having our cloud-based loyalty solution available through the Mako CMS allows our tobacco rebate customers to install our solution without any additional hardware. It makes the solution more efficient, reliable and easier to implement,” Alexander added.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Fueland to our VPN Cloud Partner Program,” said Simon Gamble, President of Mako Networks. “They’re a fast-growing business, and we look forward to working closely with them to help securely connect their thousands of customers to the Fueland network.”

The synergizing proposition of the Mako VPN Cloud Partner Program, where Mako Networks, partners and customers all benefit from their alliance, is driving rapid growth with more and more partners opting into the program.

Mako provides partners with:

  • Complimentary or reduced-cost Mako VPN aggregation technology
  • Secure Mako VPN Template for “One Click” configuration
  • Approved Mako marketing documents
  • 24/7 access to Mako technical support

The features that make this connection process so easy also make it fast and cost-effective. Switching to the Mako System from other platforms often yields substantial savings when considering both initial and ongoing costs.

Key technical features include:

  • Mako’s NAT implementation allows retailers to connect to partner networks without reconfiguring their internal IP addressing schemes
  • Secure Mako VPN Cloud tunnels permits retailers to bypass the public Internet when connecting to partner networks, maintaining compliance with brand requirements, PCI DSS and other security standards
  • Mako’s SD-WAN circuit redundancy, physical and virtual device redundancy, and geographic redundancy delivers industry-leading reliability for keeping retailers connected to partner networks

To inquire about services available from current Mako VPN Cloud Partners or about becoming a Mako VPN Cloud Partner, please contact Mako Networks at or 800-851-4691.

“Having our cloud-based loyalty solution available through the Mako CMS allows our tobacco rebate customers to install our solution without any additional hardware. It makes the solution more efficient, reliable and easier to implement.”

About Fueland

For more than 14 years, Fueland has been a technology provider in the grocery, convenience and tobacco rebate loyalty space, dedicated to constantly developing new features and improving support for various POS systems. In the process, Fueland helps store operators compete on a level playing field with the largest chains. Supporting more than 2,000 sites nationwide, Fueland is poised for great growth during the digital transformation of the convenience store industry. For more information, visit

About Mako Networks

Mako Networks provides simple, secure, PCI-certified networks for distributed enterprises. Operating internationally from offices in the United Kingdom, US, Australia and New Zealand, Mako integrates centralized cloud management and reporting, true SD-WAN, secure Wi-Fi, HA Fast Failover, Mako VPN Cloud, next-generation firewalls and end-to-end PCI DSS certification in one, easy-to-manage system. For more information, visit

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