Mako 4600 Network Appliances Debut With Leading-Edge Wi-Fi 6 Technology

Mako Networks’ new Mako 4600 appliance brings high-performance Wi-Fi 6 technology to the 4000-Series, designed to operate as either a high-end WAP or a cost-effective router/firewall for securing small networks, as in home offices or in support of IoT products, with the same Mako technology used to secure large distributed enterprise networks globally.


ELGIN, IL, December 2, 2020 – The new Mako 4600 network appliance from Mako Networks is designed to deliver next-generation Wi-Fi 6 performance, and includes 4×4 radios that support the enhanced features of the IEEE 802.11ax standard for wireless communication. Wi-Fi 6 not only improves communication speed and range, it also leverages an array of new features to improve communication efficiency and security, resulting in a better experience for dense networks, increased signal reliability, reduced power consumption, and enhanced encryption options. This new standard directly addresses the explosion of device density in wireless environments, from small home networks to huge sports arenas. The Mako 4600 provides top-end, latest-generation Wi-Fi performance at a great price and is available now.

Across the board, Mako’s 4000-Series appliances combine the security, functionality, and cloud management of the Mako System into a streamlined, cost-effective, smaller footprint that allows for deployment as a secure edge router, a secure zone router, or a secure wireless access point (WAP). This flexibility makes these appliances, including the new Mako 4600, suitable for applications ranging from securing a small home office or IoT product set to securing a LAN or wireless segment of a large global network.

The Mako 4600 is fully cloud-managed and can be configured as either a WAP or a router via the Mako Central Management System (CMS). Changes made in the Mako CMS take place in real-time, without the need to visit the site or touch the appliance. Mako appliances have no moving parts and are industrial-strength units, designed to address the challenging requirements and environments of business users and distributed enterprises.

Small networks that do not require the full feature set of a 6000- or 7000-Series Mako appliance can use a 4000-Series Mako as a secure edge router. Larger networks that are already secured by a Mako edge appliance can add the Mako 4600 either as a secure zone router to establish small isolated network segments or as an enterprise-grade Wi-Fi 6 WAP. The Mako 4600 features dual‐band wireless and supports up to four wireless SSIDs per appliance. PCI-certified wireless networking also makes the Mako 4600 a perfect fit for tablet‐based or other wireless POS systems.

Mako’s 4000-Series is a lower-cost entry point to the powerful features of the Mako System, making it ideal for securely connecting devices such as ATMs, remote healthcare facilities, kiosks, small retail locations, or any other small remote sites to head offices, data centers, or third-party application providers. Using Mako’s VPN Cloud technology, remote sites connected by Mako appliances can be linked in seconds without requiring static IP addresses. An added benefit for home workers is that in addition to providing a secure connection to HQ or remote application providers, the Mako appliance can also be used to segment a home office network, separating work devices from personal devices to further reduce risk for both the head office network and the remote worker.

Mako VPN Cloud supports circuit, hardware and geographic redundancy, allowing the Mako 4600 to connect to fast, reliable VPNs across broadband directly when configured as a router, or in conjunction with other Mako appliances when configured as a WAP. Other notable Mako 4600 features include 24×7 access to the Mako CMS for cloud-based configuration, reporting, and diagnostic tools, an LED that provides Internet and network connection information at a glance for non‐technical users, zero-touch deployment, and WAN connectivity at up to 1Gbit transfer speeds.

Please refer to the Mako Networks website for full Mako 4600 specifications:

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