Say Goodbye to Dropped Calls with Mako’s Seamless Voice™ Technology

Mako’s high-performance SD-WAN allows seamless VoIP calling across any combination of broadband circuits, including cellular connections.


ELGIN, IL, May 29, 2019 – The Mako VPN Cloud SD-WAN solution with Mako Voice creates a VoIP solution that can be configured to provide Seamless Voice™ call quality, which means real-time automated failover from one broadband network to a second broadband or LTE circuit can take place without dropping or disrupting active calls.

Mako VPN Cloud is a proven technology, delivering SD-WAN failover functionality to customers around the world to eliminate interruptions during critical data transactions such as credit card payment processing and data center access. Years of experience in handling mission-critical failover have led to impressive performance gains.

Mako Voice is designed to bring the same security, speed, and reliability of data transmissions to VoIP voice transmissions. It is common for Internet-based voice services to drop active calls during WAN failover, because traditional WAN routing simply does not fail over fast enough to keep a voice call connected. Pairing Mako Voice with Mako VPN Cloud brings the speed of SD-WAN to VoIP, allowing calls to continue even when one circuit fails or suffers a significant loss of quality. With Seamless Voice configured, you can unplug a WAN cable while on a call, and the call will not be dropped.

“For most people, occasionally losing a call is expected, given the rise of cell phones. But nothing is more frustrating than being on hold for 20 minutes to discuss an insurance claim or a credit card charge, only to have that important call dropped,” said Barry Goldberg, VP Sales, Mako Networks. “If your business depends on superior call quality for customer satisfaction, eliminating dropped calls is your holy grail. Mako’s Seamless Voice puts that power in your hands.”

Latency overhead of sending traffic through a Mako VPN Cloud is minimal, with an average increase of less than 5ms. Throughput differs depending on the Mako appliance and encryption algorithm being used. Mako VPN Cloud has an overhead of 68-bytes per packet, which equates to a 4.5% bandwidth overhead for a typical Internet connection with a 1500-byte MTU.

To inquire about Mako’s Seamless Voice technology for your enterprise, contact Mako Networks at or 800-851-4691.

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Mako Networks provides simple, secure, PCI-certified networks for distributed enterprises. Operating internationally from offices in the United Kingdom, US, Australia and New Zealand, Mako integrates centralized cloud management and reporting, true SD-WAN, secure Wi-Fi, HA Fast Failover, Mako VPN Cloud, next-generation firewalls and end-to-end PCI DSS certification in one, easy-to-manage system. For more information, visit

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