Who’s Really PCI-Compliant?


One of the significant barriers for merchants in meeting the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is the inherent complexity in addressing more than 200 technical and procedural criteria. For the average small business owner, the compliance process can quickly spiral into a complex and confusing exercise.

But it can be equally confusing in selecting a PCI compliance vendor to work with: many companies purport to be PCI DSS-compliant, when in reality they may only have a very narrow certification that covers specific components of their company or solution. For example, if you’re looking for a networking provider it won’t help much if only the call center is PCI-compliant.

While a business may market itself as PCI-compliant, the fact is that the segments of the business that protect vital customer data—the firewall, network, and software—may remain unaudited and vulnerable to security gaps.

But you needn’t take our word for it. Mako is proud to display a certificate (PDF, 28KB) from Verizon Enterprise Solutions (our PCI auditors) that attests to our compliance status and clearly states the level and scope of our audit.

We encourage any merchant or business undertaking a compliance project to ask their networking provider for such a document, and compare the result.

Mako Networks was the first network management company in the world to be PCI DSS-certified in 2009, and remains the only solution that connects customers directly to the Internet with a Level 1 PCI DSS certification.

Simple, secure, cloud-managed PCI networks are Mako’s specialty. So contact us today and we’ll be happy to chat about your compliance project.