Mako e911 Solution

Mako Voice meets these new regulations and makes sure your place of business is as safe as it can be.


e911 Solution for VoIP

Established in August 2019, these new regulations for E911 services took effect February 16, 2020. According to the FCC, these measures will “help ensure that members of the public can successfully dial 911 to request emergency services and that Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) can quickly and accurately locate every 911 caller, regardless of the type of service that is used to make the call.”


Our services include:

  1. • Every telephone will be able to directly dial the PSAP by dialing 911 without a leading digit.
  2. • Each 911 call will present a dispatchable location and a callback number to the PSAP.
  3. • When a call is placed, notifications will be sent to a central monitoring point.


With these services provided, you will meet these current regulations, as well as the mobile E911 requirements planned for 2022 without an upgrade. There are serious liabilities and fines that can be handed down for non-compliance, so it is in your business’s best interest to make sure you meet these regulations. Not only are you following the law, but you’re improving the safety of your employees, customers, and guests. Your safety is very important to us, so we want to make sure you avoid that trouble and help make your business as safe as can be.

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