Mako 8600 Gateway

Virtual Private Network Concentrator


VPN Concentrator & High Throughput Gateway

Mako 8600 appliances employ a host of industry-leading security technologies to protect corporate networks and connect data centers. The Mako 8600 enables organizations to terminate thousands of Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnels with the added functionality of the Mako Central Management System (CMS). The Mako System makes it easy to manage, monitor and report on all network activity, in addition to providing world-class VPN termination.

Up to Seven LANs in 1-U space

If space in your data center comes at a premium, the Mako 8600 is ideally suited to keep the costs down. Fitting seven 1 Gbps LANs into a 1-U rack space keeps your data center rental footprint low while allowing LAN extensibility for dedicated tasks, such as payment transactions, failover configurations or weighted network set-ups.

Mako VPN Cloud

Mako VPN technology provides a modern alternative to IPsec-based tunnels. Instead of shared-secret and IP-based authentication, certificates are used for proof of identity, and all private traffic is secured using industrial strength AES encryption. VPN Cloud offers exceptional network security, increased performance, NAT interoperability, faster failover compared to IPsec, and far more flexible network design. Mako VPN Cloud technology requires no static or public IP addresses at remote sites.

Mako VPN Cloud can consist of multiple Mako 8600 appliances at multiple data centers providing load distribution as well as circuit, hardware and geographic redundancy.

IPsec Security

Mako to Mako IPsec VPNs are protected using Advanced Encryption Standard 128-bit or 256-bit encryption to ensure data cannot be intercepted during transmission. Mako to Mako VPN technology requires no static or public IP addresses at remote sites.

The Mako 8600 can be configured for High Availability failover when deployed with a second Mako 8600 unit. Using two Mako 8600 appliances, inbound IPsec VPNs can be diverted to a backup unit in the event of hardware or connection faults.

Centralized Logging/Reporting

Mako 8600 appliances securely send traffic information back to the CMS every few minutes. This data is used to generate easy-to-understand graphical reports about network usage, including data use by site, user and timeframe, real-time reporting of intrusion attempts, and records of Internet traffic.

Rated to 8000 VPN tunnels

The Mako 8600 is a modern hub for your network. Rated to terminate up to 8000 VPN Cloud tunnels or up to 3000 IPsec VPN tunnels, this concentrator is designed for data centers connecting thousands of small sites to a central network.

24-Hour Remote Control

Because Mako 8600 appliances utilize the cloud-managed Mako Networks CMS, network administrators have 24-hour secure remote control over Internet connections and VPNs from anywhere in the world.

Physical and Environmental Specifications

Chassis Dimensions 17.24 x 20.67 x 1.73 in | 438 x 525 x 44 mm (L x W x H)
Power Supply 300 W 1 + 1 ATX Redundant PSUs, AC 90 V ~ 264 V @ 47 ~ 63 Hz
Operating Temperature 32 °F to 105 °F | 0 °C to 40 °C
Humidity 5 % – 95 % (non-condensing)

Hardware Specifications

Network Ports 8 x 1 Gbps Ethernet, 7 LAN (1 WAN) or 6 LAN (2 WAN)
LCD Screen 2 x 20 character LCM, 4 x keypads

Feature Specifications

8600 E LANs, DHCP, Static Routes, BGP
Firewall Inbound, Outbound, Intranet, VPN

VPN Throughput

VPN Cloud Up to 500 Mbps
IPsec Up to 500 Mbps
Concurrent VPNs 8000

Built-In Firewall

Each 8600 appliance incorporates a powerful stateful inspection firewall, meaning all traffic entering and leaving a network is scrutinized to ensure network connections are authorized.

Port scanning protection can detect and repel intruders attempting to discover network vulnerabilities by blocking IP addresses searching for open ports.

Mako 8600 appliances also protect against internal threats by using worm detection to identify and nullify threats from infected host computers on internal networks.

As all Mako 8600s are managed through the cloud using the CMS, software is automatically patched and updated on every Mako appliance connected to the Internet anywhere in the world.

Integrated Router

All Mako 8600 units can be used either to terminate VPN connections, or as a high throughput default network gateway.

VPNs can be created to individual networks behind the 8600 appliance.

Mako 8600 appliances also support BGP for easily handling more complex data center configurations.

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