Best Wireless Access Points for Business

Enhance communication with easy-to-deploy wireless access points.


Simplify Your Network Management With Mako’s Wireless Access Points

Mako’s line of wireless access points for business products delivers top-quality connectivity while securing your network.

Cloud-based, centralized management makes Mako appliances secure and easy to deploy.

Mako’s wireless connection solutions bring simplicity and consistency to your enterprise.

  • Choose from a variety of business access points with features suitable for both small businesses and distributed enterprises.
  • Improve network uptime and service delivery with high-quality Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Receive in-depth insights into network performance with Mako’s advanced Wi-Fi reporting features including status alerts, analytics, and diagnostics.
  • Ensure secure communication through Mako’s enterprise-grade wireless access point security features. These include Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), firewalls, and intrusion detection.
  • Adhere to PCI DSS and HIPAA guidelines for all personally identifiable information (PII) and credit card data transferred across your Wi-Fi access points.
  • Unify your distributed enterprise locations and small business devices with secure WLAN and SD-WAN wireless routers.
  • Eliminate expensive on-site maintenance and technician visits with remote troubleshooting and management tools.
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Mako Provides the Best Wireless Access Points for Business Security

Easy Wireless Management

Eliminate the hassle of wireless access point management with Mako’s centralized management.

Mako’s wireless access points for business can be controlled, monitored, and configured through a single, cloud-based system:

Control all access points remotely through a centrally-managed interface.
Gain end-to-end visibility of all wireless access points in your business network.
Remotely troubleshoot WLAN issues from afar.
Leverage diagnostics to track performance, Wi-Fi speed, packet losses, and more.
Reduce the need for on-site maintenance and support with Mako’s responsive management tools

Mako’s Wi-Fi access points for business are designed to take the effort out of network monitoring and management.

All you need to establish your wireless access point is an internet connection and a web browser.

From there, customize your broadband connections, local access for wireless devices, and any other features your business requires.

Flexible Deployments Across Devices

Find the perfect managed network appliances for your business needs.

Whether you’re looking for small business access points or enterprise-grade connectivity solutions, Mako appliances bring security, stability, and connectivity to your company:

Mako 4500
Mako 4600
Mako 6600-M
Mako 7600
Mako 8600
Mako Managed Switches
Each networking solution can be supplemented with additional services to further secure and enhance your business network.

Learn more about our managed network appliances and features that set Mako apart in enterprise network management.

Advanced Security Features

Our appliances feature robust security features to keep your business network protected:

Advanced firewalls
Access control
Encrypted VPNs
Automated software updates
Detailed diagnostics

For more advanced business needs, additional features (such as Online SAQ Integration, Intrusion Detection, and Content Filtering) are available for an additional fee.

Which of our wireless access points for small business is right for you? Mako’s wireless access points feature options suitable for businesses of all sizes

Our small business appliances offer simple points of connectivity, either through xDSL, Ethernet cable, or 4G.

Whatever your need, there’s a Mako network appliance that’s right for you.

Unify Locations In One Network

No matter how many locations you have, the easiest way to keep everything coordinated is with a single, cohesive network.

Mako’s products offer unified networking across all business locations and work sites, eliminating the inefficiency of managing multiple systems.

In addition to advanced security and management features, Mako access points offer standard wireless networking features that expand your network, such as 5ghz band options and wireless bridge switching.

Clients Who Love Mako’s Wireless Access Points

Mako 4500

Mako 4500

A fully cloud-managed access point, featuring dual band 802.11ac and flexible deployment options.

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Mako 4600

Mako 4600

Combines the latest high-speed Wi-Fi 6 (dual band 802.11ax) technology with flexible deployment as a secure zone router, edge router, or wireless access point.

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Mako 6600-M

Mako 6600-M

Our flagship secure network appliance offers a range of connectivity options, including SFP, Ethernet, Dual-SIM LTE, and xDSL, which allows for high availability fast failover configurations.

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Mako Managed Switches

Mako Managed Switches

Manage multiple business wireless access points with Mako’s managed switches, featuring power over ethernet (POE), range extender, and band steering capabilities.

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