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New Mako CMS Software Release Adds AP Mode, Firewall Groups, and Other Enhancements

A variety of new features and enhancements are included in the latest update to the Mako Central Management System (CMS).

AP Mode for 4000-Series Makos

Mako customers can now configure a Mako 4500 as either a router or an AP in the Mako CMS Hardware settings. Previously, the 4500 was only available in router mode. Now, in AP mode, there are no WAN/LAN networks and no NAT; it is simply a Wi-Fi access point.

Firewall Groups

Mako customers can now simplify their firewall rule management for sites with large rulesets by grouping together IPs/subnets and also grouping together services (ports/protocols). This makes it easier to read and review a site’s firewall rules and easier to update existing complicated rules when they need another IP/port/domain added. Groups can be change-controlled, like PCI-enabled Enterprise Templates, allowing them to be safely used by PCI customers. Groups can also be shared with customer companies, just like Enterprise Templates. Non-CIDR based IP ranges (e.g. are only supported for Makos running F6201 firmware or newer.

Customers can define these groups in the Mako CMS Objects & Profiles settings, as well as other company-wide configuration elements, such as IPsec profiles, Network profiles, and Switch Port profiles. Then, customers have the option of specifying a group when creating firewall rules.

Mako Switch Enhancements

Mako switches running FSW1020 firmware or newer can now be remotely rebooted. Also, the Review page now provides better detail on VLAN trunks.

Merchant PCI Enhancements

Mako has updated the PCI Template to fix some usability issues and to make it easier to set up additional services, such as AP Scans and Vulnerability Scans.

Support staff can now configure PCI settings on behalf of the merchant, allowing more customers to use Merchant PCI services, including those whose reseller/partner does not provide them with CMS access.

Diagnostics Enhancements

Mako has upgraded several diagnostics to make them more useful or easier to read, such as the Routing Table diagnostic, OpenVPN Status diagnostic, and Failover Status diagnostic.

Mako customers can now flush an individual connection from the Current Connections diagnostic. Click the “Show Option” link below the connection table list to display the delete buttons.

Let Us Know What You Need

The Mako CMS is under continuous development, with new features arriving on a regular basis after careful design and rigorous testing. Make the most of your Mako Networks implementation by familiarizing yourself with all it has to offer, staying up-to-date with our latest developments, and sharing your specific, secure networking needs with us as they change over time. The next great Mako feature may be the one you request.

Please contact your Mako representative with any feedback you would like to share.

August 25th 2020 | News