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Mako Networks Has Ready-to-Install, Cost-Effective Solutions for Rapidly-Deployed Network Upgrades

The unprecedented COVID-19 shelter-in-place order has accelerated the need for distributed enterprises to decentralize their network infrastructure and update their related security policies; Mako’s managed products and services that can help remedy these security and network performance challenges are available now.

The unprecedented lockdown in response to the spread of the COVID-19 virus has brought network infrastructure and flexibility into sharp focus for business leaders. Companies that were not prepared for the majority of their team to work remotely are now making or accelerating plans to modernize their network infrastructure and related security policies. While the scope and complexity of these upgrades may seem daunting, Mako Networks offers pre-established security templates that simplify mass deployment and allow companies to deliver standardized remote-site configurations across a variety of network technologies and carriers using centrally managed, affordable products and services that are available immediately.

Mako VPN Cloud (SD-WAN)

A virtual private network (VPN) allows employees to securely access the corporate network from home; however, not all VPNs are equal in terms of security and performance. Mako VPN Cloud uses SD-WAN technology and AES encryption on both ends to provide the most secure VPN experience without sacrificing speed, reliability, or affordability. As with all Mako features, it is managed entirely from the cloud-based Mako Central Management System (CMS).

Mako Voice (VoIP)

Mako Voice is a custom VoIP solution that commonly saves businesses 30-70% when compared to their existing telecom equipment and service. It is rich with features, such as Office-to-Mobile Business Continuity for seamless call routing to company- or employee-owned cellular devices via a cloud-hosted PBX.


The Mako System delivers industry-leading security features, including end-to-end PCI DSS certification, industrial strength encryption, multi-factor authentication, templated security policies, and more.

Performance & Features

Mako networking appliances create highly-available, high-throughput, low-latency business networks that are connected using any combination of broadband and cellular connections. Segmented networks allow for secure sharing of broadband connections across different network zones. Other remote-work-friendly features of the Mako System include automated alerts, SNMP integration, intrusion reporting, content filtering, SIEM forwarding, QoS management, secure Wi-Fi, and Dynamic DNS support.


As a cloud-managed service, the Mako System is easily scalable to any size enterprise, supporting dynamic speed and reliability requirements via load balancing and geographic redundancy while remaining cost-effective. This resource flexibility positions your business to respond rapidly to the organic ebb and flow of growth, as needed.


After an assessment of your existing network and development of a custom solution to meet your business needs, Mako will execute a rapid deployment plan that is painless for your distributed locations. Mako appliances are shipped preconfigured and are entirely cloud-managed via the Mako CMS, allowing for centralized network control and templated security with no onsite configuration or setup required.

“Because we are providing essential security and network management services to petroleum, grocery, and healthcare supply chains, Mako continues to operate, helping to maintain critical infrastructure and keeping networks secure,” said Jason Kubasak, CEO. “It has been a testament to our technology and our team that we were able to seamlessly migrate the majority of our workforce to a work at home model in a matter of days,” Kubasak said. “Since Mako products are designed to eliminate single points of failure and our platform is cloud-managed and geographically redundant, we’ve had no network reliability or performance issues since making the change, despite having very little time to vet the connections (both terrestrial and cellular) at our employees’ homes.”

“Many of our petroleum retail partners are using this dip in forecourt traffic as an opportunity to move up scheduled upgrades to EMV POS equipment,” said Simon Gamble, President. “We’re finding that a number of Mako customers and partners are finding ways to capitalize on similar opportunities hidden among the challenges of the lockdown.”

April 23rd 2020 | News