New Whitepaper Shows How Mako Defeats Kaptoxa Malware

Mako Networks has released a new whitepaper in response to the Kaptoxa malware threat at U.S. retailers.Mako Kaptoxa Whitepaper Cover

Following the recent and well-publicized credit card data breach at Target, forensic investigators from iSight Partners working with the Department of Homeland Security and other government agencies released a report¬†that identified a new type of malware called Kaptoxa (pronounced “kar-TOE-sha”) believed to be used by the fraudsters to collect and remove card data from Target’s Point-of-Sale systems. In a blog post, iSight also stated that Kaptoxa may have infected a “potentially large” number of other retailers as well.

Their report lists a series of six network security recommendations for retailers that can help prevent Kaptoxa infections.¬†The Mako System addresses all of the report’s key recommendations using our Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance template.

Download our free whitepaper (PDF, 164KB) with full details on Mako’s approach to defending against the Kaptoxa threat.

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February 6th 2014 | News, Whitepapers