Mako Networks and Blackthorn Simplify PCI DSS Compliance with New Online Portal

Mako Networks and Blackthorn Technologies Ltd, a leading provider of governance, risk and compliance software solutions and advisory services, today announced a new partnership designed to simplify compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

The partnership will deliver a web-based portal that automatically integrates technical information about a merchant’s payment network with a pre-populated Self-Assessment Questionnaire, significantly reducing the paperwork and technical knowledge required to complete this annual compliance obligation for Level 2 and Level 4 merchants—the majority of merchants worldwide.

The integrated solution provides merchants with a single destination to monitor and remediate their PCI DSS compliance status, and is particularly valuable for multi-site businesses and distributed enterprises that need to manage compliance across a large number of locations or geographies.

The partnership combines the Mako System, a Level 1 PCI DSS certified network management and security solution, which simplifies the technical requirements of PCI compliance like network segmentation and firewall management, with Blackthorn’s general risk and compliance portal in the cloud.

At each merchant location a Mako network appliance collects and feeds the data into Blackthorn’s online portal, which identifies potential compliance issues and provides remediation guidance if required.

Chris Nation, Commercial Manager Europe for Mako Networks commented: “Blackthorn’s cloud-based solution combined with our Mako System is a powerful tool for the distributed enterprise. It delivers a cost-effective method for maintaining continual PCI compliance, and prevents lapses or unintentional changes that could break compliance or open potential security vulnerabilities.”

Philip Drake, Director at Blackthorn, adds: “By working with Mako we will be able to offer our customers world-class network security and reduce the technical complexity that can be intimidating for many merchants in maintaining a fully compliant network.”

The Mako System works with any Internet Service Provider and IP-capable payment terminal.  The joint solution will be available this month in the UK.

About Blackthorn

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October 10th 2013 | Announcements, News