Announcing the New Mako 6500 with 3G

Mako 6500 adds 3G to keep businesses connected

Mako Networks today released a new model of its award-winning Mako 6500 network appliance incorporating a 3G mobile data connection to keep business flowing during ADSL or Ethernet network outages, or offer connectivity in areas not served by fixed-line networks.

The new Mako 6500 features a failover option, so that in the event of a fixed-line network outage the appliance will automatically switch over to a wireless 3G connection. When the primary connection becomes available again, the Mako 6500 will fall back to its original connection method. Since Mako specialises in connecting and securing payment networks, continuous connectivity is critical for its customers.

“The flexibility offered by our 3G devices enables businesses to stay in business, despite any local network conditions they’re facing,” says Murray Knox, Research and Development Director for Mako Networks. “Whether operating by wired or wireless, ADSL or Ethernet, the Mako 6500 keeps connections established and secure.”

Mako 6500 3G units continuously check the health of their wireless connection to ensure a mobile network is available and on standby in case it is needed. If a mobile network is unavailable, the Mako System automatically issues an email alert to inform network administrators that the failover network needs attention.

Users can set 3G as the primary connection method where ADSL or Ethernet is unavailable, such as remote sites, locations where local ADSL cabinets are over capacity, or new builds waiting for fixed-line connectivity to be delivered – often a problem faced in shopping malls.

The Mako 6500 is designed to be compatible with all GSM 3G networks and is now available worldwide.  Settings in the Mako Central Management System allow administrators to set thresholds and limits on the amount of 3G data use permitted on each 6500 device. Users must supply a SIM card for each 6500 3G unit.

The Mako 6500 has garnered several international recognitions, including certification from ICSA Labs, an independent division of Verizon, for SMB firewall security, and an award for product design at the Best Design Awards held late last year. The Mako System and 6500 are also certified under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) for businesses that process, store or transmit cardholder data.

January 24th 2012 | Announcements