Mako Networks Receives Product Design Award

Mako 6500 network appliance takes bronze at Best Awards

AUCKLAND, New Zealand – 11 October 2011 – Mako Networks, a cloud-based network management company specialising in solutions for small businesses and branch offices, received a bronze award for product design at The Best Design Awards on Friday night for its Mako 6500 network appliance. An initiative of The Designers Institute of New Zealand, the Best Awards are an annual showcase of excellence in graphic, spatial, product and interactive design.

The Mako 6500 was designed in conjunction with Peter and David Haythornthwaite of creativelab Limited and includes several innovative features, such as tamper-proof casing that prevents unauthorised access, internal light tubes that carry LED signals to the unit face, and a heat sink integrated into the product casing that permits operation in poorly ventilated installation locations.

Mako 6500 Network Appliance

But underpinning all design elements was a focus on security. The Mako 6500 was designed to protect small businesses from Internet threats and aid in compliance with the strict Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) for businesses that process, store or transmit credit card data. Mako Networks holds the sole Level 1 PCI DSS network management system accreditation worldwide.

“The design of the 6500, through its simple form and use of materials, deliberately communicates security. The product design had to address demanding technical criteria and to take into consideration installation, service and end user requirements. This project was the first ground-up, new product development by Mako and served to demonstrate the potential of effective design process and the capability of sound design solutions to communicate company values and product benefits,” says Peter Haythornthwaite of creativelab.

Says Murray Knox, Research & Development Director for Mako Networks: “The Mako 6500 has been a paradigm shift in the design of our products, and we will continue to incorporate its emphasis on secure simplicity into our future products. The 6500 has set the baseline for future innovation in the company.”

Adds Mako Networks CEO Bill Farmer: “The introduction of the 6500 as a fit-for-purpose yet stylish delivery platform has enhanced the company’s credibility internationally with both existing and prospective customers. The inclusion of specific tamper-proof elements in the design has further enhanced this position by reinforcing the company’s commitment to security requirements above and beyond that of our competitors.”

High-resolution photos of the Mako 6500 are available on the Mako Networks Flickr stream.

October 11th 2011 | Announcements