Thanks for stopping by to check out Mako’s PCI DSS compliance status.
We make our compliance certificate freely available.

Mako believes in transparency regarding PCI DSS compliance. While many companies claim to be compliant, in reality they may only have a very narrow certification that covers specific components of their company or solution. For example, if you’re looking for a networking provider it won’t help much if only the call center is PCI-compliant.

While a business may market itself as PCI-compliant, the fact is that the parts of the business that protect vital customer data—the firewall, network, and software—may remain unaudited and vulnerable to security gaps.

That’s why Mako is proud to display a certificate from Verizon Enterprise Solutions (our PCI auditors) that attests to our compliance status and clearly states the level and scope of our audit.

We encourage any organization undertaking a PCI compliance project to request similar documentation from other providers and compare the results.

Mako was the first network management company to achieve Level 1 PCI DSS compliance six years ago, and we’re proud to continue our leadership today.

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