Case Study: Mako and Gen-i Secure Z Energy

One of Mako Networks’ longest-standing partnerships is with Gen-i, a division of Telecom New Zealand, which resells the Mako System as a service called SecureME.

Z Energy (a Kiwi fuel company) embarked on a two-year $12 million project with Gen-i to overhaul its retail technology, using SecureME and the Mako System as a key component of the initiative.

The solution delivered a number of benefits, including:

  • A cost-effective and secure way to connect sites and users to each other using secure VPNs, and to connect to the Internet for staff and guests
  • The easy-to-use cloud interface allows administrators to view and manage all sites, users, configurations and upgrades remotely, backed by 24/7 support and fault restoration
  • Secure protection from viruses and malicious attacks using an ICSA-certified firewall, web content filtering, policy enforcement, reporting and alerting
  • Reliable connectivity over broadband, fibre and Telecom 3G. Includes automatic failover to the mobile network if broadband or fibre become unavailable.

Read more about how Mako and Gen-i helped Z Energy by reading our case study at the link below:

Z Energy Service Station

November 5th 2013 | News