Mako Networks Awarded Technology Development Grant

Multimillion-dollar government funding to accelerate research programme

AUCKLAND, New Zealand – 19 August 2011 – Mako Networks, a cloud-based network management company specialising in solutions for small businesses and branch offices, has received a significant grant from the New Zealand Ministry of Science and Innovation to boost its Research & Development (R&D) programme over the next three years. Thanks to a Technology Development Grant of $4,321,000, Mako Networks intends to undertake a series of projects to accelerate the growth of its operations in New Zealand and abroad.

Says Murray Knox, Research & Development Director for Mako Networks: “The Grant will allow us to start research efforts sooner than we anticipated and to carry out multiple R&D projects in parallel. We expect this will enable us to bring new products to market earlier than would otherwise be possible. Given the highly technical nature of our products and services, this grant permits us to get started on projects faster, take on more rigorous development initiatives and stay ahead of our competition.”

Murray Knox, Mako Networks' R&D Director

Mako intends to use the Grant to focus on four key initiatives, including new product development; increasing capacity in existing cloud-based management nodes; accelerating support for new IPv6 addressing protocols; and creation of new device management features.

A large portion of the Grant funding will also be used to add more local staff in development and support roles during the next three years.

“Mako Networks have clearly demonstrated their expertise in using R&D to create products and services that have given them a competitive advantage that, in turn, benefits New Zealand,” Brett O’Riley, Deputy Chief Executive Business Innovation and Investment of the Ministry of Science and Innovation said.

Much of Mako Networks’ recent research activities have focused on payment card security and new rules set up by the major credit card companies known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. As well as connecting, protecting and controlling small-site business networks, Mako’s system helps combat the threat of credit card fraud at merchants using broadband Internet connections.

The Ministry of Science and Innovation Grant reimburses 20 per cent of eligible R&D expenditure on a business’s R&D programme, up to $2.4 million (excl. GST) reimbursement per year. Mako Networks is required to meet reporting, compliance and performance objectives along the way as a funding recipient.

To qualify, applicant companies had to be based in New Zealand, have a good track record in R&D and spend a significant proportion of their revenue on this area. Prime Minister John Key announced Mako Networks as one of 19 selected recipients in a press conference this week.

The Technology Development Grant is administered by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, and is one of the investment products of the Ministry’s business investment programme.

August 19th 2011 | Announcements