VigiTrust Partners with Mako Networks

VigiTrust LTD and Mako Networks have signed an agreement designed to dramatically reduce the scope of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) Compliance process for level 4, 3 and 2 merchants. Mathieu Gorge CEO, VigiTrust Ltd said “Merchants seeking to achieve PCI DSS compliance will benefit from our partnership agreement as we can now provide a fully managed solution that will reduce the time and scope of the process, in addition to simplifying the compliance process for the Merchant.”

The agreement, signed at VigiTrust’s Dublin headquarters, marks the launch of a combined service offering from the two companies unifying Mako Networks computing appliances with VigiTrust’s online PCI DSS compliance portal. The combined services will initially be offered in Ireland and then the UK.

“Our complementary capabilities make this partnership a big win for merchants,” said Bill Farmer, Mako Networks CEO. “The simplicity of VigiTrust’s online portal, combined with the plug-and-play Mako system, will dramatically simplify PCI DSS compliance for businesses of any size.”

The combined technical security solution provided by the Mako system together with the education, policy documentation, scanning and SAQ features of the VigiTrust MCP (Merchant Compliance Portal) allow merchants to proactively and cost effectively achieve and maintain compliance with PCI DSS.

VigiTrust Ltd PCI DSS, MCP – Merchant Compliance Portal
VigiTrust’s Merchant Compliance Portal was developed to help organisations quickly and simply manage the PCI DSS compliance process. The MCP is available on-line without the need for any installation, and it comes with on-line support. MCP provides businesses with a versatile and cost-efficient option for deploying PCI DSS compliance.

Mako Networks for PCI DSS
Mako Networks’ system and services provide complete visibility and control over computer networks, helping businesses maximise Internet productivity by monitoring and controlling Internet content and access.

Mako Networks is a certified PCI DSS Level One Service Provider, and manufactures a system that can alleviate 100 percent of a merchant’s PCI DSS network security requirements quickly, easily and cost effectively. The Mako system also provides acquirers with the ability to better manage their compliance programs.

Mako Networks appliances incorporate dual Local Area Network ports to separate merchant Point of Sale (POS) networks from the rest of the business network. This network segregation bolsters security on the POS network and ensures the business network is kept out of scope of PCI DSS auditing.

March 15th 2011 | Announcements